Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Moocho Authentic Mexican BBQ and Cantina in Oak Grove, Missouri

Moocho brisket sandwich
Yesterday I visited Moocho Authentic Mexican BBQ and Cantina in Oak Grove, Missouri.  I recently met with the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Bureau to consult with them regarding their new Kansas City Barbecue Experience App.  Since I did a lot of research on barbecue restaurants in the area and they also did a lot of research in creating the app, we decided to swap lists to make sure we had all of the barbecue restaurants in the area covered.  I ended up adding a few to my list from their list.  One was Moocho in Oak Grove.  At first I wondered why it was on the list since it seemed like a Mexican restaurant.  Upon further research and consultation, I realized that they are branching out into the barbecue world so I decided to add it as a visit on my quest.

I arrived around 3:25 on Monday.  There is a separate restaurant and bar/lounge area separated by a closed door.  I walked in the restaurant side and noticed nobody was in there at the time I arrived so I walked over to the bar area and had a seat.  I noticed a bunch of the locals were sitting at the bar having drinks but there were a few seats available.  I noticed it right away, but wanted to mention in the blog that they do allow smoking in there.  Luckily that didn't bother me.

The bar area reminded me of a VFW hall or something of that nature.  It was kind of dark and smokey and had a large bar along with some bar arcade games and a pool table.  To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of the food.  When I sat down the bartender asked what I wanted to drink and if I wanted to see a menu.  She served me chips and salsa just like you would get at a Mexican restaurant.  Up to this point, the entire experience was really weird.  I found the brisket sandwich on the menu and ordered it with french fries.

I received my food about 10 minutes later.  I didn't look at the menu close enough, because I didn't notice that they serve the sandwich with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion.  The experience wasn't getting any more "normal."  It was easy enough to take that stuff off the sandwich so that's what I did.  The brisket was served with thick cut slices of meat on a bun.  The brisket was tender and has a very flavorful smoke flavor and rub on it.  It also had a nice crunchy bark.  I took a bite and the sandwich was great!  I was pleasantly surprised!  The meat was a bit dry, but I did not need sauce to finish the sandwich.

They have what they call a "smooth" house barbecue sauce.  I tried it with my fries.  It was a good sauce and had a bit of a kick to it.

It was a little weird eating a barbecue brisket sandwich at a Mexican restaurant, but it was a really good sandwich and they know how to barbecue!  Also, the price was right.  The sandwich and fries was eight dollars!  Check it out if you're ever in Oak Grove.

This was stop number 63 on the quest.  Eight more to go!  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook!  Till next time...

Monday, December 10, 2018

KC Baby Back Ribs in Oak Grove, Missouri

KC Baby Back Ribs brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited KC Baby Back Ribs in Oak Grove, Missouri.  KC Baby Back Ribs is a restaurant located about a block south of I-70 exit 28.  It appears that the restaurant has been renovated from an old gas station.  There is an eating area inside that seats about 25-30 people and there is also a pretty good sized eating area outside the front of the restaurant.

There isn't much information on their website other than their menu.  They claim to have the "best ribs in Kansas City."  Unfortunately I'll have to go back to try the ribs as I was there to check out the brisket.

I arrived around 2:45 Monday.  I walked in and was the only customer in the place.  The waitress greeted me and asked me to have a seat anywhere.  She gave me a menu and started raving about the ribs that they have.  While it was tempting, I knew I had two stops today and knew I wouldn't have room for both ribs and a brisket sandwich.

They have three different sizes of sandwich that you can order.  I ordered the middle sized sandwich, which they call the "large sandwich" along with fries.  They air fry their fries and it takes ten minutes to cook them and I told her that was fine.

I received my order in about 15 minutes.  The sandwich is served on a bun with no sauce and the brisket is thinly sliced.  The meat was hot, tender and flavorful with a slight smoke flavor.  It was a great sandwich!  I had no trouble eating it very quickly without any sauce needed.

They do offer three sauces at each table, a sweet sauce, a house sauce and a hot sauce.  I tried the sauces with my fries.

The sweet sauce was good and kind of had a grape jelly flavor.  The house sauce was also good and was more of a standard barbecue sauce that you would get at a lot of places.  The hot sauce was my favorite of the three.  It wasn't too spicy, but still enough of a kick to give my mouth a little tingle.

The sandwich was $9.99 and the fries were $3.25 extra.

I was pretty impressed with this place for being such a small hole-in-the-wall establishment.  They make some good barbecue!

This is stop number 62 on the quest.  Eight more to go!  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook!  Till next time...

Friday, November 30, 2018

Wabash BBQ in Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Wabash BBQ brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited Wabash BBQ in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  Wabash BBQ has been around since 1997 and is within walking distance of The Elms resort in downtown Excelsior Springs.  Here is some information from their website:

The Wabash BBQ specializes in smoked meats and award winning ribs and chicken! A smoke-free restaurant is located in the historic passenger waiting room of the old depot. The Wabash provides a relaxed atmosphere for all ages (see our children's menu). A full service bar and additional restaurant is located in the historic dairy. Voted Best Ribs in K.C.!

The success of the restuarant, opened in 1997, led owners to open a second restaurant in December of 2006. The Wabash BBQ in Chillicothe also makes its home in a historic depot, located at 1 Elm street. Make one of these restaurants your regular "whistle stop" for food, fun and friends.

Dine-in, carry-out and catering services are available.

I arrived a little before 2:00 on Friday.  When I pulled up the first thing I noticed was the smoke billowing from the building out back.  I took a picture of the scene:

Pretty neat setup.

This is a restaurant where you seat yourself and a waitress takes your order and serves you.  I walked in and the hostess asked me to find a seat anywhere.  There are about nine tables in the main building, each with between four and six chairs around them.

I had a seat and was waited on instantly.  I knew what I wanted so I ordered the Iron Horse quarter pound brisket and fries with a drink.  I received my order within five minutes.  The sandwich consisted of thinly sliced pieces of brisket and was served without sauce.  The brisket was very tender and juicy but was a bit bland.  It tasted like they had it soaking in some water.  It was still a good sandwich and I definitely did not need any sauce on it to finish it.

I tried their sauces with my fries.  They offer two sauces, a regular sauce and a spicy sauce.  The regular sauce is a molasses based sauce.  It was a good sauce.  Pretty mild.  The spicy sauce was really good in my opinion.  Not very overpowering at all and just the right amount of spice.  It was my favorite of the two.

The sandwich and fries cost around eleven dollars, which is about average for what you get and pay for a similar item at other barbecue places.  They advertise that they have award winning ribs, so I'll have to go back and try the ribs sometime.

This is stop number 61 on my barbecue quest.  10 more to go!  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook!  Till next time....

Friday, November 9, 2018

Snead's Bar-B-Q in Belton, Missouri

Snead's brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited Snead's Bar-B-Q in Belton, Missouri.  Snead's is located in Belton and has been around since 1956!  I checked out their website to get a little bit of the history of Snead's and found this:

Mr. Snead designed and constructed both the building and the brick bar-b-que pit. The building was made of concrete; pouring the walls flat, then raising them and tying them together with steel and more concrete. The inside walls of the dining room are Missouri walnut and the counter finished in cherry wood. The original dining room seated 80 customers. In 1972, Mr. Snead added a second room with a brick fireplace. The walls were filled with windows that provided a beautiful outdoor view. Finally, in 1991, Mr. Snead added the third dining room with a large stone fireplace and a wall of windows. Today, Sneads Bar-B-Que will seat over 200 customers. Still standing, directly behind the restaurant, is a Burr Oak tree that was recognized by the Department of Conservation as a Bicentennial tree. In 1976 it was at least 200 years old. Only hickory wood is used in the original brick bar-b-que pit. The smoke flavor in the bar-b-que beans and sauces is obtained by cooking them in large kettles in the brick pit. The bar-b-que sauce is an original recipe of Mr. Sneads dating back to 1956. Mr. Snead passed away in 1994, but Sneads Bar-B-Q continues to provide great tasting hickory smoked meats from the old fashioned brick pit.

Lots of history behind this place!

I arrived around 1:00 on Friday.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess seats you and you are served by a waitress.  I was waited on instantly and ordered a large brisket sandwich and fries.  You can order it on a round bun or a long bun and I chose the round bun.  The sandwich was around 10 dollars and the fries were $2.50 extra.

I received my order within five minutes.  The sandwich is served with slices of brisket and no sauce on the sandwich.  The brisket was tender but a bit chewy with a nice smoke ring and hickory smoke flavor.  It was nicely rimmed of fat, but was not real warm.  The brisket was cooked really good so that you do not need sauce to enjoy the sandwich. 

The sandwich was served with a small cup of coleslaw and a nice serving of fries.  I tried the barbecue sauce with my fries.  I thought the sauce was excellent.  It was a mild sauce with a unique flavor to it.  It obviously had some spices that I couldn't quite identify, but I was really a fan of it.

I need to visit again to try some of their other meats. Snead's has been around a long time and is still quite popular!

I reached another milestone today with visit number 60!  My list  of restaurants dwindled a bit with four more closings, which means I have 12 left on the quest!  I can see the finish line!

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Porky's Blazin Bar-B-Q in Grain Valley, Missouri

Porky's brisket sandwich
Today I visited Porky's Blazin Bar-B-Q in Grain Valley, Missouri near Lake Lotawana.  This restaurant was quite a drive from my house and it's kind of out in the middle of nowhere.  However, they have some good barbecue!  According to their website:

"Porky's owner, Scott Roberts, comes from a family of pit masters and barbeque fanatics. In fact, his father Dennis Roberts opened a barbeque restaurant in 1988, named Mozarks out of Clinton, MO. Scott's dad taught him the family pit master secrets on how to create meat so tender it melted in your mouth. He also showed him how to smoke the meat properly so that it created the thickest red ring, which produced the best wood-smoked flavor.

After working with his father for a while, Scott decided to leave the bar-be-que family business and start a construction company, which he successfully operated for 25 years. This venture taught Scott how to excel in customer service and satisfaction - a skill that he would later use to operate the #1 ranked Porky's Blazin Bar-B-Q restaurant.

Unfortunately, in 2009 Dennis Roberts lost his battle with cancer. For years after his father passed away, Scott envisioned himself opening up a bar-be-que restaurant and carrying on his dad's legacy. As the years went by, he became more and more passionate about this dream. In March 2016, he was able to turn his vision into a reality with the purchase of Porky's Blazin Bar-B-Q in Grain Valley, MO. Today, he continues to  honor his family's legacy by producing the finest mouth-watering smoked meat in the Kansas City area. "

I arrived shortly after they opened at 11:00 on Sunday.  There are a couple of things about this restaurant that you need to know before you visit.  When they run out of meat, they close for the day.  This is clearly stated on their website.  So if you want to get a certain cut of meat, make sure you get there early.  I wanted to make sure I got my brisket so I got there when they opened and I also wanted to try to make it home in time for the Chiefs game.  They also only take cash or check as payment.  No debit or credit cards.  It's a small thing, but I'm glad I checked before I drove all the way out there because I usually don't carry cash anymore and I never carry my checkbook with me.  So I made a quick trip to the ATM before heading that way.

This is a restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring your food out to you.  I'd guess the dining room seats about 50 people or so.  I ordered their large brisket sandwich, which was eleven dollars.  I normally order fries as a side, but they don't have fries so I just ordered the sandwich.  I had a seat and within a couple minutes they brought my food out.

The sandwich is served with sliced brisket on a hamburger bun and is served without sauce on the sandwich.  The meat was very tender and had a very strong, great smoke flavor.  In fact, it might be the smokiest flavored meat I've had thus far on my quest.  Great tasting meat.  It was a bit dry, but I didn't need sauce on the sandwich to eat the whole thing.  My daughter was with me and ordered the pulled pork sandwich and she really liked hers as well.

I pulled a couple slices of brisket off the sandwich so I could try the sauces. 

They have a self-serve sauce station and offer three kinds of sauces, a mild sauce, a sweet sauce and a hot sauce.  A follower of mine commented that sweet and hot sauce they use is called "Caribbean Cowboy" which is made by Clayt Casselman and his wife .  Caribbean Cowboy Barbeque Sauce is made with a unique blend of Latin spices, citrus juices, and brown sugar.  The mild sauce offered at Porky's is thicker than the other two sauces and I found it to be really good.  The sweet sauce is really sweet but also really good.  The hot sauce has quite a kick to it.  It was good, but it will make your mouth tingle like it did mine!  I like it when a place offers a hot barbecue sauce that is really hot, as it should be.  Here's a closer look at the sauces:

Mild, Sweet, and Hot sauce
 There is a large structure out back with three large smokers that I counted. Quite a setup.

Overall our meals were great and if you like strong smoke flavor in your meat, you should definitely check this place out sometime.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

A Little BBQ Joint in Independence, Missouri

A Little BBQ Joint brisket sandwich and fries
Sunday evening I visited A Little BBQ Joint in Independence, Missouri.  It is located at 1101 West 24 Highway. A Little BBQ Joint opened in 2013 and is a family run business run by Don Bauer and his son Fabian.  They also own Glory Days Custom shop and use a lot of items from their auto body shop as furnishings for the restaurant.

My Mom and Dad accompanied me on this visit and we arrived around 5:30 on Sunday evening.  When we walked in, the bartender said we could have a seat anywhere so we picked out a table and were quickly waited on by a very nice waitress.  This is a sit down restaurant and they also have a full bar inside and a deck outside that is used on weekend evenings for bands that play for customers.

We were waited on as soon as we sat down and I ordered a brisket sandwich and fries, which costs $11.00.  My Mom ordered a half slab of baby back ribs and my Dad ordered burnt ends.    We received our order in about 10 minutes.  The brisket was served as thick cut slices and it had a flavorful crunchy peppery bark.  The meat was very tender and nicely trimmed of fat.  It was a very good sandwich.  I asked for no sauce on the sandwich and they don't serve it with sauce anyway, so that was good for me.  You definitely don't need sauce to eat the sandwich and if you did put sauce on the meat it would have ruined the flavor.

Makes my mouth water just looking at the picture!
They offer three different sauces in bottles at each table.  I tried each with my fries. The fries are standard cut fries that had a pepper seasoning on them.  They like their pepper at this place. The Mad House Wife sauce is what I would call their standard sauce.  It's pretty peppery, but a good sauce.  The Mean Mother In Law is what I would call their spicy sauce, but it really wasn't too spicy compared to what you might get as a spicy sauce at other barbecue places.  The Sweet Sister is their sweet sauce.  It is obviously sweeter than the other two sauces, but I didn't think it was too sweet.  Pretty mild as far as a sweet sauce goes.  I really liked all three sauces.

They give  you a large portion of meat on the sandwich.  It filled me up enough that I couldn't even finish my fries.  It was a really good sandwich.  I tried the baby back ribs and burnt ends as well and they were good, but the brisket was my favorite.

I liked the Harry Truman cardboard cutout with the apron, so I snapped a picture
This visit marks number 58 on the quest.  18 more to go!  I'm still finding great barbecue places in Kansas City that I haven't heard much about until now!  Don't forget to follow along on my Facebook page.

The "beer garden" at A Little BBQ Joint
Thanks again for reading and following along on my quest.  Till next time...

Friday, September 28, 2018

McGonigle's Market in Kansas City, Missouri

McGonigle's brisket sandwich
Today I visited McGonigle's barbecue lunch trailer located right outside their store at the corner of 79th street and Ward Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri.  McGonigle's meat market has been around since 1951.  I'm not sure when they started cooking barbecue outside the store, but I'm glad I found out about it.  They're open most days from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  The exceptions are Monday, when they're open 10:30 to 3:30, and Sunday, when they're open from noon to 5:00. They are open from spring time until fall, but don't have specific dates for then they open and shut down for the year.  If you're worried whether they're open or not, it would be a good idea to call and ask to make sure before you head that way.

I arrived around 12:55 on Friday.  To order your food you have to go inside and order at the register.  They give you a ticket that you give to the guys running the trailer.  There is a huge running smoker right next to the trailer, so you know the food is fresh off the smoker.  The cost for a brisket sandwich and fries was around $10.50.  I stood in line at the trailer for about five minutes.  Once I gave them my ticket I received my sandwich very quickly.  They asked what kind of sauce I wanted and I asked for it on the side, which was not a problem for them.  I received the sandwich in a Styrofoam container and had to wait another minute or so for my fries.

The only seating option was outside at the picnic tables.  There are about 10 tables in a grassy area next to the store.  If the weather is bad, you'll have to take your food to go.  Otherwise you can sit at one of the tables, which is what I did.  The brisket is served on a round hamburger bun and is served chopped.  They gave me a large serving of meat that was way too much for the bun to hold.  The brisket was tender and flavorful with a crunchy bark to it, but it was very greasy.  Because it was chopped and greasy it made for a messy sandwich, so make sure if you try it that you have napkins or paper towels nearby.  It was a good sandwich, just messy.  And I prefer sliced brisket over chopped.  No complaints other than that.

I tried their sauce with my fries.  The fries were waffle fries and they had a tasty seasoning on them.  They were served in a paper bag, which was an odd touch.  The sauce was molasses based and very syrupy and sweet.  If you like a sweet sauce you might like it.  It was just way too sweet for my taste.

This is number 57 on the quest.  19 left to go!  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook.  Till next time....

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Luther's BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri

Luther's BBQ brisket sandwich and fries
Last night I visited Luther's BBQ on 129th and State Line in Kansas City, Missouri.  Luther's opened on July 20th of this year and was formerly known as Murray's Tables and Taps.  Owner Pat Murray has partnered with Luther Saulsberry to help change Murray's into a barbecue restaurant.  I found a little bit of the background and history of this decision in an article from the Martin City Telegraph:

"The former Irish/American restaurant is now Luther’s BBQ, complete with a newly installed Ole Hickory wood smoker in the kitchen and a more rustic, industrial look in the dining area.

Owner Pat Murray shared some of the background on the transformation. He owned a barbecue restaurant for 13 years (1997 to 2010) with locations in Lawrence and Manhattan, Kan., and at the Hy-Vee at 123rd and State Line Road. It was called Pat’s Blue Rib’n Barbeque, Murray says, noting the play on words in the name.

Murray worked with award-winning pitmaster Luther Saulsberry  as a consultant for the Manhattan store back then. Saulsberry, who worked for 24 years at Quigley’s in Leawood, had recently become available. After tossing around the idea of reopening a barbecue restaurant, the two formed a partnership.

Now you’ll find Saulsberry in the kitchen serving up racks of ribs, burnt ends and smoked meats with just a drizzle of barbecue sauce.

Luther’s BBQ serves a full barbecue menu along with homemade side dishes. The specialty is burnt ends, but Murray is keeping some of the same items from his former menu such as salads, burgers and sandwiches. His daughter Katie Murray Dubin remains as the general manager.

As for the established bar business? In all likelihood Murray will bring back live music once he settles in. He definitely wants to keep his previous customers, stating, “This is my background and I really look forward to pursuing this now that I have the right person to do it with.'”

I went to check this place out with a small group of friends since one of them is friends with both owners and has worked with Luther in the past.  We arrived around 5:15 Saturday night.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess seats you and you are waited on.  We decided to order some appetizers and ordered the fried pickles and smoked wings.  Both were good.  The wings had a great smoky flavor.

Luther came out to say hello and we had a short conversation and he recommended the burnt ends.  I already knew what I was going to order, but one of my friends ordered the burnt ends and the other ordered a full slab of ribs.  I ordered a brisket sandwich on a bun with no sauce on it.  You can order it with bread or a bun.

We received our food about 15 minutes after ordering.  The brisket was thinly sliced on a toasted bun.  It was tender and juicy with a nice smoke ring, but it was a bit fatty.  They give you a large portion of meat on the sandwich, which is a great serving for the ten dollar price tag.  The sandwich and the meat reminded me of what you would get at Arthur Bryant's.  If you've had Bryant's brisket, it is similar to what you get at Luther's.

Luther's burnt ends
We received a sampling of the barbecue sauces that they offer and I decided to try them with my fries..  The standard sauce was a good, thick and mild barbecue sauce.  The spicy sauce had a bit of a kick to it.  Just enough to get the mouth to tingle a little bit.  Both sauces were really good.

Luther's ribs
The meal was great overall and I'd encourage you to check it out sometime.  I tried the ribs and they were really good as well.  Very tender and stuck to the bone.  Prepared almost perfectly.

I'm glad I have a lot of friends interested in my quest that have decided to join me on some of my stops.  It's always good to get their perspective and feedback on the food we're eating and it's nice to have some company as I'm going through this!

This was stop number 56!  18 more to go!  Thanks again for reading and following along.  I enjoy reading your comments as well.  Keep them coming.  Till next time...


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

County Road Ice House in Kansas City, Missouri

County Road Ice House brisket sandwich
Tonight I visited County Road Ice House in the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  County Road House opened in March of this year and is a unique dining and drinking concept entirely new to Kansas City. It features smoked meats, burgers, tacos, and ice cold beer served in a casual indoor and outdoor environment.

County Road House is owned by Back Napkin Restaurant Group and Joe's Kansas City founders Jeff and Joy Stehney.  In an article on their website, Stehney was quoted as saying “We’re thrilled to be introducing the ice house concept to Kansas City.  In Texas, where the ice house tradition originated, these were public places where friends and neighbors came together to relax and enjoy some good food and music. Usually with big outdoor seating areas. We want to replicate that experience here in our hometown.” I found that to be an accurate description of what I experienced.

I arrived around 4:45 on Tuesday.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess seats you and you are waited on.  I decided to sit at the bar and was greeted instantly by the bartender and given a glass of water and a menu.  I ordered a brisket sandwich and fries and the total was around 11 dollars.  I didn't know whether to expect the same sandwich you would get at Joe's KC or if it would be a bit different.  I received my order a few minutes after ordering, which I thought was really quick service.

I actually liked this sandwich better than the one I had at the original Joe's KC location on 47th street.  It was served with thinly cut slices of brisket on a toasted bun and served with their original sauce on it.  The brisket was tender and flavorful with a nice smoke ring.  It was a great sandwich.

I tried their two barbecue sauces with my fries.  The fries are served with Joe's KC seasoning on them, which I love.  The Joe's KC original sauce had a slight kick to it and is a molasses based sauce.  It's a really good, thick barbecue sauce and I'm a fan of it.  The "Night of the Living Bar-B-Q" sauce is their spicy sauce.  It is vinegar and molasses based with garlic powder and onion powder as main ingredients.  It gives your mouth just the right amount of "tingle" without being overpowering.  Both sauces are excellent, in my opinion.

Overall, this was a great meal and I have no complaints.  They have happy hour specials from 3-6 Monday through Friday which is a nice touch.  Definitely give this place a try when you're down near the Power and Light district.

This is stop number 55 on the quest!  19 left to go unless a new place opens up soon!  Thanks again for reading and following!  Till next time...

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Oden's BBQ in Belton, Missouri

Oden's BBQ brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited Oden's Family BBQ in Belton, Missouri.  Oden's has been owned and operated by Jim & Karen Oden since 1982.  Oden's recently reopened after some embers from their smoke pit got inside the restaurant walls and started a fire.  There's not a lot of information about Oden's online and their website just lists their hours and allows you to place an online order for pickup.

I arrived around 1:30 on Sunday.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess seats you at a table as you walk in and you are waited on.  The restaurant has a rustic feel and decor to it.  Kind of reminded me of a Cracker Barrel.  I was seated instantly and waited on instantly.  They have a couple of different options for barbecue sandwiches.  You can order it on a round bun or hoagie bun.  I ordered the brisket on a round bun that was called "Jimbo on the Round" on the menu.  It comes with fries and costs nine dollars.

I received my order about 20 minutes after ordering.  The sandwich was served with thin cut slices of brisket on a toasted bun with no sauce.  The meat had an okay flavor but was tough and dry.  It was way overcooked in my opinion.  I ended up putting sauce on the sandwich after a few bites and finishing it that way.

The fries were wedge cut and I tried their sauces with the fries.  They have a standard sauce and a spicy sauce at each table for you to try.  The regular sauce was a pretty mild barbecue sauce and quite ketchupy.  The spicy sauce wasn't really very spicy to me.  It was what you would think of as a standard sauce you would get at most barbecue places.  It was definitely spicier than the standard sauce and I thought it was pretty decent.

Just an observation I had while dining, and this is a big pet peeve of mine, is that when the waitresses refill your water they take your glass to the back to refill it instead of bringing you a glass of water to replace your glass or bringing a pitcher of water around to refill your glass.  One of my waitresses disappeared with my glass for about five minutes and when she finally came back she apologized for taking so long to refill it.  It's just annoying to not have a drink in front of you to wash down your barbecue.  Maybe I'm being too picky.  Like I said, it's just a pet peeve of mine.

They had some interesting things on the walls in this place, like this rotary phone:

I hadn't seen one in a while, so I had to snap a picture of it!

This restaurant has been in business for a while, but it's obvious to me that brisket isn't their specialty.  They do serve items other than barbecue, so I'd be interested to hear what others have to say about their food.  Seems like they have mostly positive reviews online.

This is number 54 on the quest.  20 left to go!  You can also follow allong on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/joesbbqblog/.  Till  next time....

Friday, August 10, 2018

Jazzy B's Diner in Lee's Summit, Missouri

Jazzy B's brisket sandwich and fries

Thursday night I visited Jazzy B's Diner in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  Jazzy B's is owned by Brandon Simpson, who started his business as a food truck in 2010.  It was so successful that he eventually opened the restaurant in 2016.  The food truck is still in operation as well.  Brandon made a great decision getting into this business because this guy knows his barbecue!

I went with a buddy of mine from out of town who loves barbecue and had never tried this place.  We arrived around 6:00.  This is a place where you order at the counter and they serve your food right there at the counter and you can sit wherever you find a table.  I saw Brandon when we ordered and introduced myself and explained my barbecue quest.  He asked what my favorites are so far and he seemed kind of surprised as he had only heard of one of them.  Brandon's a jovial and outgoing guy and a pleasure to talk to. 

I ordered my standard brisket sandwich and fries.  They asked which sauce I wanted on it, regular or spicy.  I asked if I could try both on the side and they said that was no problem.  The bill was about $12.50.  We received our food about five minutes after ordering and had a seat.  The brisket is cut into chunks and served on a bun.  It's kind of like burnt ends would be served, but not quite as thick as burnt ends are cut.  It was a unique way to serve a brisket sandwich and it was the first restaurant that I've been to that served it this way.  The meat was tender and flavorful and had a nice crunchy bark and nice smoke ring.  It was a little dry, but I still didn't need any sauce on it to devour the sandwich in almost record time.  Overall a great sandwich.

I tried the sauces with my fries.  The fries had a nice sprinkling of seasoning on them  The regular sauce had a molasses flavor to it with a hint of grape jelly.  A good, mild sauce.  The spicy sauce is made with habanero, ghost peppers and some sort of blueberry spice.  It sounds really spicy, but it is really fairly mild and not overpowering.  However, it has enough spice to get your mouth tingling and keep it that way as you keep eating it.

My friend tried a sampler platter which included the ribs, burnt ends and sausage.  He was nice enough to let me try everything.  The burnt ends and sausage were good, but I think the standout was the ribs.  My friend commented that he thought they were some of the best ribs he's had in his life.  Pretty high praise!  I thought they were amazing.

Shortly after we got there I asked Brandon how the wings are.  The expression on his face and his reaction was enough to tell me I had to try them.  So I ordered some for dessert!  I have to say these were the best smoked wings I have ever had.  They are advertised as "Smoke Fried Chicken Wings."  I asked Brandon how he prepares them and he smokes them and then deep fries them to get a crunchy skin on them.  Like a lot of us, he didn't like the rubbery skin you get when trying to smoke wings and this is a great solution to that problem! These are whole chicken wings like what you would get at The Peanut and you can order them regular or with the spicy sauce on them.  I ordered them spicy and by the time I had five of them I was so stuffed I couldn't eat anymore.

Is your mouth watering yet?
I'm so glad I found this place.  Brandon knows his barbecue!  It's a bit of a drive for me, but it was well worth the drive.  If you're someone who thinks Gates, Arthur Bryant's, Joe's KC or Jack Stack has the best barbecue in town, it might be worth a trip to Jazzy B's to see if your opinion might change.

This completes stop number 53!  Still plugging away!  22 more to go!  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook!  Till next time...

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

R & J Barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas

R&J Barbecue brisket sandwich and fries
Tonight I visited R&J Barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas.  R&J is located off Parallel Parkway near the Legends.  It's hard to find much background or historical information about some of these places and this is one of them.  All I could find online is reviews of this place.  You might actually drive right by the building if you weren't looking for it.  When I pulled up I was wondering if it was open, as there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot and it appeared no lights were on.  It turns out they were open, just not very busy at this time of day.

I took my daughter along on this visit.  We arrived around 4:45.  There was one other family in the restaurant when we walked in.  The hostess greeted us and asked us to have a seat anywhere.  I'd say the dining room seats between 70 and 80 people so we had the pick of just about any table we wanted.  We were waited on and given menus shortly after we sat down.

They have two different types of barbecue sandwiches.  One with a bun and one on a hoagie bun.  I ordered mine on a bun with fries.  My daughter ordered chicken tenders.  I was surprised a barbecue place had chicken tenders on the menu, but they do and she liked them!

We received our order in about 10 minutes.  The brisket is served with thin cut slices with their barbecue sauce on the sandwich.  The meat was tender with a hickory smoke flavor and a nice smoke ring.  The meat was neatly trimmed and I didn't detect any fat on the sandwich.  The sauce was good but a bit on the sweet side.  They served crinkle cut fries and they didn't have any seasoning on them.  I thought they were just about average for what you would normally get at a restaurant.

Overall the food was decent and the service was good.  Just not a place I'd normally go out of my way to eat at.

This stop was number 52 on my BBQ quest.  22 more to go!  I'm going to be on vacation next week, so I won't be posting another blog until I get back.

Don't forget to follow along on Facebook.  Thanks for reading and for your support and encouragement.  Till next time...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Plowboys Barbecue in Blue Springs, Missouri

Plowboys brisket sandwich
For the next stop on my quest I visited Plowboys Barbecue in Blue Springs, Missouri on Friday evening.  Plowboys started as a competition barbecue team in 2001.  They have been very successful on the competition barbecue circuit and in 2013 they opened their restaurant in Blue Springs, Missouri.  From their website:

"The heart of Plowboys BBQ is competition-style barbecue. It began in 2001 when Todd Johns and his brother-in-law, Randy Hinck, started Pork Pullin Plowboys, their competition team. For the next six years, Todd and Randy would travel all over the country, participating in competitions, perfecting their craft and learning what makes truly great barbecue. Hint: It’s all about the “low and slow.” 

I met up with Ryan Cooper, the BBQ Tourist, who is in town on business and is doing a bunch of barbecue stops in the process.   We arrived around 5:30.  I ordered a large brisket sandwich and Ryan and I decided to split a sampler platter.  The sandwich was about eight dollars or so.

Their building looks like it was a former fast food restaurant.  It even has a drive through window.  When you walk in you order at the counter and they give you a number and then you have a seat and they bring your food out when it is ready.  One thing I noticed is that they do not ask for a tip on the receipt like a lot of places with a similar setup do.  I liked the ease of not having to think about whether or not to leave a tip when you're not really being waited on.

We received our food about five minutes after ordering.  The brisket sandwich was served without sauce on it.  The meat was served as thick cut slices and had a great smoke flavor and a crunchy, flavorful bark.  The meat was tender but a bit dry, and I did not need sauce to eat the sandwich.  I liked it, but it wasn't one of my favorites because it was a bit dry.

They have three sauces at each table to try.  A Sweet 180, a Crossroads, and an En Fuego.  The En Fuego is advertised as their spicy sauce but I didn't find it really spicy at all.  The Crossroads sauce tasted like it had a molasses base.  It was good and pretty mild.  I also liked the Sweet 180.  Pretty good for a sweet sauce.

When I checked in at Plowboys I had a follower comment that I needed to try the barbecue nachos, so I decided to go back to the counter and order some.  I ordered them with burnt ends on the nachos.  They put cheese, barbecue sauce and pieces of burnt ends on a layer of nachos.  You can get sour cream and other toppings if you want to but I didn't.  The nacho cheese mixed well with the barbecue sauce and the burnt ends were great!

I also tried the pork ribs and I really enjoyed them as well.  They make some good barbecue at this place.

Hanging out with the BBQ Tourist!

Plowboys displays their many competition awards in their display case.
I'm glad I finally got around to trying Plowboys.  They have a second location near downtown if that is closer for you.

This was stop number 51 on my quest.  I've got 22 more to go as of right now.  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook!  Till next time...

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Smoke Brewing Company in Lee's Summit, Missouri

Smoke Brewing Company brisket sandwich
Saturday was a big milestone as I reached stop number 50 on my quest.  I visited a relatively new barbecue restaurant called Smoke Brewing Company in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  Here's a blurb about Smoke Brewing from their website:

"Few collaborations of business, brew and BBQ have run down a lineage path of father to son to family as this one. For Josh, Jeff and Lanni Edwards, though, that’s exactly where Smoke Brewing Company was born and bred. The family. Jeff and Josh Edwards have built homes together, they’ve barbecued together and, eventually, they brewed together. And that tradition has helped open the first-ever BBQ-Brew restaurant in Downtown Lee’s Summit.

Smoke Brewing Company fuses championship, competitive barbecue with fresh craft brew to deliver one of the most unique restaurant perspectives in Lee’s Summit. Smoke Brewing combines the passion of competition BBQ with new culinary concepts and craft brew to offer a menu, style and atmosphere unlike any other in Downtown Lee’s Summit. At Smoke Brewing Company, your family will feel just as home enjoying our menu as we are creating and serving it." 

This is another restaurant that started as a competition barbecue team and is also family run.  They combined their success on the competition barbecue circuit and their love of home brewing to create Smoke Brewing Company in 2017.  I found an article online that was written and posted shortly after their opening that goes a little bit into the history of the founding of the restaurant.

A group of friends decided to join me on Saturday to help me celebrate stop number 50.  We arrived around 6:00.  This is a sit down restaurant where a hostess greets you when you walk in the door and seats you and you get waited on.  We ordered a couple appetizers and decided to try a sampler of their beers along with the smoked wings and chicken fried bacon.  Yes, I said chicken fried bacon!  It's like chicken fried steak, but with bacon in the middle instead of steak.  All the sides and the beers were great.  I'm not sure I've had better smoked wings at a Kansas City barbecue place.

Smoked wings
We ordered our main course and received our food about 20 minutes after ordering.  I ordered the brisket sandwich, which comes with two sides, fries and coleslaw.  I ordered it without sauce.  The brisket can be ordered shredded or sliced and I ordered it sliced.  The pieces were thick cut and the meat had a great smoke flavor and a nice crunchy bark and smoke ring.  There was a huge portion of meat on the sandwich, which was served on a hard roll style bun.  The meat was nicely trimmed of fat.  In fact, I didn't notice ANY fat on the sandwich.  But the meat was still very tender and I did not need sauce on the sandwich to devour the whole thing.  The cost for the sandwich and sides was 12 dollars.  Quite a bargain.

I tried the sauce with my fries.  The fries were good and had a nice, tasty seasoning on them.  The sauce is molasses based and pretty sweet.  I'm not a fan of sweet sauces, so you won't hear me raving about the sauce, but others at our table really liked it.  To each his own.

Everyone at our table raved about their meals.  Everything was good.  We'll all definitely go back to try their other selections.  One of my friends commented "If I lived near here, I would eat here all the time!"  If your list of favorite barbecue places includes Joe's KC, Gates, Arthur Bryants, Jack Stack and Q39, it's time to try Smoke Brewing Company to see if your list of favorites changes!  Another thing to note is that we all had food left on our plates that we couldn't eat because we were so full.  I can usually eat my entire meal with no problem, but I couldn't finish my fries because I was so stuffed.

Chicken fried bacon?  Yes, please!
I mentioned this stop was a big milestone, as it was stop number 50.  I've got 23 more to go.  I keep finding great places along the way and my final rankings will most likely raise some eyebrows...in a good way.

Follow along on Facebook to more closely follow my quest.  Thanks for reading and encouraging me to keep going!  Till next time...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Johnny's BBQ in Mission, Kansas

Johnny's large brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited Johnny's BBQ in Mission, Kansas.  Johnny's has been around since 1977 and I have been a customer since my parents moved to Kansas City in the 1980's.  Here's a little bit about Johnny's from their website:

"Serving Original Kansas City Bar-B-Q since 1977, Johnny's Bar-B-Q has the finest hickory Smoked meats around. Our menu includes smoked brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and ribs that are fall off the bone tender. Our Kansas City restaurants are perfect for the quick lunch or the big family get together. Also, we offer a full line of great catering packages for groups from 5 to 5,000. Be sure to visit either of our Kansas City locations in Mission, Kansas or Olathe, Kansas."

I broke my rule of only visiting one location per local barbecue chain with Johnny's. A lot of people recommended I visit the Olathe location along with the original location, so the Olathe restaurant was one of the first stops on my quest. I actually liked the Olathe restaurant better, which was surprising to me, although I did visit that location on a different day and time of day.  I visited the Mission location around 11:30 on Sunday.

When you walk into Johhny's you can order at the counter if you're taking your food to go or you can sit in the dining room and they will wait on you.  I had a seat in the dining room and was instantly waited on.  I ordered a large brisket sandwich with fries and a drink.  My bill was about 12 dollars.  I received my order about 10 minutes after ordering. The sandwich was served on a hoagie style bun.  The brisket was thinly sliced and was served with barbecue sauce on the sandwich.  The meat had a nice smoke ring and neatly trimmed of fat.  The meat was a bit dry, but tender.  The sauce covered up any flavor the meat might have had.  It was a good sandwich, just not one of the best I've had.  Johnny's is always good, so this wasn't a surprise.

I tried their sauce with my fries.  It's a pretty mild sauce.  Kind of tasted like ketchup.  They only had one bottle of sauce at each table so that's all I tried. 

The service was great and the food was good as well.  Looking forward to going back and trying some of their other selections.

This makes number 49 on my quest.  24 more to go!  I'm planning a group get together for my 50th stop, so follow along on my Facebook page for details!  Till next time...


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hawg Jaw Que and Brew in North Kansas City, Missouri

Hawg Jaw brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited Hawg Jaw Que and Brew in North Kansas City, Missouri.  It is located just north of the river on 9 highway.  Hawg Jaw started in 2011 in Riverside and moved to this location just over a year ago.  Family-owned Silvio’s Foods in Riverside purchased the business in late 2014 and brothers Sam and Nick Silvio operate the barbecue.

Sometimes this quest gets somewhat tedious and that makes it hard to get motivated.  When you drive two hours round trip to try a barbecue restaurant and it's just "okay," it's hard to get pumped up to check the next one off the list. It's somewhat of a mind game, just like going to the gym is for me. The thing that keeps me going is that I occasionally find great places like Hawg Jaw that I would have never thought of visiting if it weren't for my quest.  I honestly had never heard of this place before and I didn't know what to expect.  I was blown away by how good it was.

I arrived around noon on Saturday.  This is a restaurant where you order at the counter and you have a seat and they call your name when it is ready.  They have a self serve drink station, which is nice.  I took my daughter with me this time and she ordered the ribs and I ordered their large brisket sandwich and fries.  We were only seated a few minutes before they called my name that our order was ready.

The brisket is served in thinly cut slices on a standard hamburger bun without sauce on it.  As I took my first bite my daughter asked "aren't you going to put sauce on it?"  My reply was "don't you read my blog? I love the taste of meat, not sauce.  I'm here to judge the meat!"  Amateur! Ha, ha.

The brisket was very tender and juicy with a nice smoke ring and great smoke flavor.  The sandwich definitely did not need sauce and went down great without it.  The fat was trimmed nicely.  Some places leave the fat on to help make the meat juicy, but this meat was juicy without the fat.  It was a great sandwich.

My daughter couldn't finish the ribs so she let me try them.  They were the best ribs I've had in a long time.  They were very tender, but still stuck to the bone and very juicy with a great smoke flavor.  I haven't had the ribs at every place in town yet, but these are the best ribs I can remember eating at a restaurant in Kansas City.

Hawg Jaw offers three types of sauces at every table along with a smoked ketchup.  There is a "Boss Man's" sauce, a "Kansolina" sauce and a "Mammaw's" sauce.  I tried each of them with my fries.  The "Boss Man's" is their sweet sauce.  I'd characterize it as VERY sweet.  Had a stong jelly flavor to it.  The "Kansolina" was less sweet, but still had the jelly flavor.  It just wasn't as strong.  The "Mammaw's" is their spicy sauce and had a bit of a kick to it, but was not overpowering at all.  It was my favorite of the three.

The smoked ketchup was very interesting.  It just tasted like ketchup that's been on the smoker for a couple hours.  It was actually really good!

Interesting setup.  You have to go up the stairs or the ramp to place your order.
I'm glad I found this place.  It's close enough to downtown that if you work down there you can easily drive across the river for lunch and make it back to work in plenty of time.  I'm looking forward to my next visit.  Another good thing to know is that they sell their sauces and rubs right there in the restaurant.  I bought some brisket rub for $3.50.  I thought that was a great deal.

This is visit number 48!  Almost to 50!  Don't forget to follow along on Facebook.  I'm enjoying everyone's comments and opinions.  Till next time...

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summit Hickory Pit BBQ in Lee's Summit, Missouri

Summit Hickory Pit brisket sandwich
Yesterday I visited Summit Hickory Pit BBQ in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  They have been around since 1992.  From their website:

"Since 1992 Summit Hickory Pit BBQ has been "Smoking The Good Stuff" so you don't have to. We smoke everything from start to finish in our authentic brick pits.  The slow smoking process keeps your meat tender and tasty. Just like all of you true BBQ fans like.  All of the staff here at Summit Hickory Pit BBQ believe that outstanding customer service and amazing BBQ is what keeps us voted as the #1 BBQ in Kansas City and Midwest"

My son asked me a couple weeks ago "How many of these places say they are the number one barbecue in Kansas City?"  My answer:  "Just about every one of them!"

I arrived around 7:30 on Saturday evening.  This is a sit down restaurant where a server seats you as you walk in.  They have a pretty good sized bar area as well in the restaurant. I ordered the brisket sandwich and fries and a buddy of mine ordered the ribs and we both decided to split an appetizer of smoked sausage and burnt ends.  The brisket sandwich and fries costs around $12.00.  We received our appetizer about 10 minutes after ordering and the main course about 10 minutes after that.

Sausage and burnt ends appetizer
I thought the smoked sausage bites were good.  The burnt ends were a bit dry, but tender with a good smoke flavor.  They were better with barbecue sauce on them.

We received our main course shortly after finishing the appetizer.  The brisket had a nice smoke ring but was very dry.  The meat was sliced very thin and did have a nice crunchy bark but I simply couldn't eat it without sauce because it was too dry.  There was also a lot of bread and not a lot of meat on the sandwich.

I tried a couple of the ribs and they were really good, having a nice texture and a great smoke flavor.  In my opinion, the ribs were the best thing out of the brisket, sausage and burnt ends.

I tried both of their the sauces with my fries, which were standard fries you would get at most restaurants.  The regular sauce is good, a pretty mild and thick sauce.  The spicy sauce was much thinner and only had a slight kick to it.  I preferred the spicy sauce over the regular sauce.

I noticed on the drink menu that they have mojitos and I'm a big fan of a good mojito.  It's hard to find a good one here in town so I like to try one if I see it featured on a restaurant's menu.  We decided to sit at the bar and try one.  It was great and the highlight of the visit for me.  I complimented the bartender and she said that they make their own mint leaves in a garden onsite and she also mentioned that they do seem to have the best mojitos around since she has also tried them in a lot of different places around town and is often disappointed compared to how good they are there.  I totally agreed with her!  If you like a good mojito, it might be worth it to go in just to try them at this place!

This makes number 47 on the quest!  25 left to go!  Follow along on my Facebook page and like and share!  Remember, when I'm done with this we're all going to visit the top spots together!  Thanks again for reading and for your support.  Till next time...

Monday, May 21, 2018

Filling Station Bar-B-Que in Lee's Summit, Missouri

Filling Station Bar-B-Que brisket sandwich and fries
For visit number 46 I visited Filling Station Bar-B-Que in downtown Lee's Summit, Missouri.  This one has been mentioned a lot by people during my quest asking if I had been there yet.  Because so many people have asked me about it, I have been looking forward to this one and it didn't disappoint.  In my naivete, I thought this was a restaurant in a real gas station kind of like Joe's KC, but it is actually a renovated barbecue restaurant that used to be a gas station.  Here's some of the history of the location from their website:

Filling Station BBQ is a uniquely nostalgic family oriented and owned business located in historic downtown Lee's Summit.  The building itself opened  as a Texaco gas station in the 1930's and later became a garden shop.   In 1999 the gas station was  renovated into  a BBQ restaurant which included an onsite smoker.  The original gas station design was retained outside and is currently acknowledged by the Historical Register.  The nostalgic interior is decorated with vintage signs, pictures and memorabilia from the old gas station days.  Outside you will find colorful seating provided for those spring,summer and fall days when you just don't want to go inside.

Doug Carnes, the current owner, grew up in Lee's Summit, where Kansas City Barbeque had a huge impact on his life as a child.  Since returning home to become owner/manager of the Filling Station BBQ, Doug has made it his goal to provide a family atmosphere, flavorful, good-quality barbeque and excellent, friendly service. All meats are smoked fresh on site.  Most sides are homemade. Delivery and Catering services are also available.

I arrived around 4:30 on Monday.  There is no parking lot to speak of, so I had to park on the street, which is no big deal.  I really liked the decor, which made you feel like you were walking back into the 1950's.  This is a restaurant where you place your order at the counter and they bring it out to you.  They offer both a regular and large brisket sandwich and I ordered the large sandwich with fries.  My bill was around 14 dollars, which is a little more money than you would spend getting the same thing at other barbecue restaurants.  There are eight tables inside for seating and they have about seven picnic tables outside on the patio.

I received my order about five minutes after ordering and decided to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the great weather today.  The sandwich is served with no sauce but they sprinkle their dry rub seasoning on the sandwich.  The meat was tender and flavorful with a very nice smoke ring.  The meat on the sandwich was thinly cut pieces.  I was able to eat the sandwich easily with no sauce needed.  They have three different sauces at each table: a regular sauce, a sweet sauce and a hot sauce.  I tried the sauces with my fries.  The regular sauce is a bit sweet with a molasses flavor.  The sweet sauce was much sweeter than the regular sauce, but it wasn't really too sweet which was nice.  The hot sauce tasted like the sweet sauce with some added hot spices to it.  I liked them all, but the regular sauce was my favorite off the three.

One of the vintage gas pumps outside the restaurant
View from inside the restaurant
This is a really neat place and if you're in the Lee's Summit area and you like barbecue, it's definitely worth checking out.  I'll definitely go back.

I had to drop another restaurant from the list this week, so I've got 27 visits left to complete my quest.  Unless a new place opens up of course, which is always a possibility!

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Till next time....

My bad selfie!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Mad Man's KC BBQ in Lenexa, KS

Mad Man's brisket sandwich and fries
Today I visited Mad Man's BBQ in the Lenexa Marketplace in Lenexa, KS.  Mad Man's started as a food truck and recently opened a storefront in the marketplace.  According to their website:

Mad Man’s has a simple philosophy – take food that we like, and make it awesome. That was the inspiration behind the now very popular Mad Man’s KC BBQ Food Truck. It’s so in demand in fact, that in addition to building out a second truck, Owner/Chef AJ decided that we needed a permanent location.
Soon, in addition to the truck, you can get your KC BBQ fix at our brand new storefront in Lenexa’s Public Market. Stop in for breakfast (coming soon!), lunch or dinner. That’s right – in addition to the awesome BBQ, we’re adding breakfast, Wagyu beef cheeseburgers, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Boba Teas/Smooties (coming soon!) to our menu!

The Lenexa Marketplace is an 11,000-square-foot food hall and market. It consists of merchants that offer fresh foods and locally sourced, handcrafted products. To me, it is part food court and part flea market.  Mad Man's is one of several food choices in the market, which is located off of 87th street and I-435 in Lenexa.

I arrived around 1:30 on Friday.  There were quite a few people in the marketplace at this time, but I was able to walk right up to the counter and order.  You order at the counter and they take your name and call out your name when your order is ready.  I ordered a brisket sandwich and fries and my bill was $11.48.  The sandwich is served without sauce and with a side of pickles.  They offer two types of barbecue sauces, a sweet sauce and a spicy sauce.  They also have two self serve drink stations set up to help yourself to a drink.

I received my order a few minutes after ordering.  I had a seat at one of the few tables nearby and dug right in.  The brisket is served on a bun and I noticed the brisket was a bit fatty and could have been trimmed a little better for my taste.  The slices were thinly cut.  The brisket was hot and tender and had a great smoke flavor and a very nice smoke ring.  A very flavorful cut of meat.  You definitely don't need sauce to eat this sandwich.  It was great and went down very quickly!

The fries were really good and hot and crispy.  I tried the sauces with my fries.  The sweet sauce is way too sweet for my taste.  It had a unique flavor, almost a grape jelly taste to it.  The spicy sauce was really good.  It really wasn't too spicy at all, but had just enough of a kick to it which made it enjoyable.

The sandwich was served with a side of either sweet pickles or dill pickles.  I opted for the sweet pickles, and boy were they sweet!  Very good though.

The only negative about the sandwich was that the cuts of meat were a bit fatty.  Other than that, I'd consider this a perfectly cooked brisket.  I'm really glad I found this place and look forward to going back and trying their other selections!

This makes visit number 45 on my quest.   29 more to go!  I can kind of see the glimmer at the end of the tunnel from here!

Follow along on my Facebook page here.  Thanks for reading and for your great comments.  Till next time....